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The new Snaga Black 2022-2023 is finally here and is the finest we have ever produced.  There is a new embossed backhand design, with a different, improved silicon 3D injected punching zone, giving this model an astonishing look!

The color combination is striking on the eye giving a sleek new, modern look . After a lot of technical development as RG we changed the wrist area to offer a faster more comfortable fitting of the glove.

Snaga Black is a classic and the best-selling RG model every year.  The balance between Grip in any weather conditions, Durability & Fitting make this glove one of the best globally!

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    4mm of German Latex + 3mm of internal padding. Set on a black single panel embossed neoprene designed by RG . New RG 3D Rubber punch! New design, Black single panel embossed Waterproof neoprene

  • CUT

    Hybrid Roll finger without stitching

  • PALM

    4mm + 3mm BLACK Contact Grip German Latex. Set on a Hybrid Roll finger cut without stitching. Double wrapped thumb providing comfort & a greater contact area with the ball.


    New and improved wrist area for a more comfortable fitting of the glove. Elastic double wrapped wrist strap of 6cm wide. Pull up design with silicon printing placed on the middle of the wrist with a nonslip technique for an easier adjustment of the glove.